domingo, abril 15, 2007

Qual o personagem do Friends sou eu?

Ainda noutro dia estive a falar disto, e dp de ter feito o teste do House lembrei-me de procurar este... e se havia dúvidas, deixa de haver, era o que eu dizia!!! ;p

Which Friend Are You Quiz on

You are most like: CHANDLER

How sure are we? BARELY

Like Chandler, you consider yourself the only "normal" member of your social group. And considering how strange your parents were, that's quite an achievement. Always keeping a sense of humor, your intelligence shows in your quick retorts and use of sarcasm. Despite your hard shell, however, you have surprising depths of emotion and sympathy, proving to be an excellent friend.

Which Friends character are you?
Your Result: You are like Chandler

Out of all your buddies, you are the most paranoid about little things, but at least your friends know that you worry about them too. You are always the joker and try to find the positive side of every situation.

When someone is upset, your the best at cheering them up. But you are also the most easily offended and take things to heart.

Everybody likes you, and your the most goofy friend around.

You are like Joey
You are like Monica
You are like Rachel
You are like Ross
You are like Phoebe
Which Friends character are you?

which Friends character are you?

you're chandler...when you're around there's never a quiet moment and no one is safe from your sarcasm.
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3 comentários:

velvetsatine disse...

E eu pelos vistos sou o Ross! :D

you're ross...even though you whine a lot, your friends can see through it to the genuinely intelligent and caring person you are on the inside...usually.

morningstar disse...

Este teste é muito falível...

... à primeira tentativa deu que sou o Joey !!!!!

... à segunda deu que eu sou a Mónica (ainda assim pouco provável).

Muse disse...

não é nada!!! a mim deu-me chandler nos 3 testes, por isso ta certo sua Joey/Monica!! ;p