segunda-feira, julho 06, 2009

"The Resistance" first listening experiences

Ms. Yukiko Kojima, who is an editor of the Japanese magazine Rockin' On, attended the Resistance listening session in late June. This is a summation of her blog.

" The listening session was held group by group, and she was assigned to a group called 'Schedule 2'. The group consists of 6 people who represent thier own country respectively, including Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, and Japan.

She mentions that she cannot tell us about the details of the album and concrete information, however, she describes the album as follows:
- Incredible masterpiece.
- The band succeeded to express art to a high degree, which consist with accessibillity.
- Authentic miracle.

After the listening session, members of 'Schedule 2' except the author drank to celebrate 'the greatest masterpiece of Muse.'

The next day was an interview day. Three members of the band was in different rooms respectively, so interviewers, who were given 15 minutes a member to interview, frequently replaced their place each other. Seeing such a situation that they were confused and upset 'I don't know where to go next!', Matt laughed aloud.

She is now struggling to make words from her recorder."


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