domingo, junho 24, 2007

Wich Muse song are you?

Olha que teste mais apropriado...

a mim deu:

Wich Muse song are you?

You are... Citizen Erased
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e voces?

4 comentários:

black cat disse...

Eu sou BLISS... "It’s a sate of mind where you give out everything you have without any need for return. It’s also a song aimed towards someone’s youth, someone who hasn’t been exposed to stuff yet. However it should be a positive song, you may envy a person and you want to be just like him/her because he/she looks perfect to you and you’re not!"...

João disse...

Isto exagera como tudo. LOL

Hysteria: "The song is about wanting something or someone that´s out of reach so badly that fustrates you till no end. It becomes an addiction."



Cláudia disse...

Abandonaste assim, sem nenhum aviso prévio, o teu fiel público?

Isso não se faz! Queremos um "encore"... ;)

Beijocas grandes pa ti. Fica bem.

Goodnight. ***

velvetsatine@formação disse...

A mim calhou-me Thoughts of a dying atheist. :D