segunda-feira, novembro 27, 2006

What is your Movie Star Double?

Até o hi5 já faz testes!!!!

Aqui fica o meu resultado

Your movie star double is Ethan Hawke

An intellectual like you needs to be played by someone who understands how to be deep without being boring, someone who can grasp complicated subjects and make them seem clear cut, someone like Ethan Hawke. Whether bringing Hamlet to life or getting published himself, Ethan has shown the world that being smart can be sexy.

Were you sometimes the kid in class who realized when the teacher made a mistake — even if you didn't always point it out? Now that you're grown up, it wouldn't surprise us if you still liked the challenge of banter or enjoyed staying up late talking about the latest in political, social, or celebrity circles. Your glamour comes from your head first and radiates out through your looks. So keep that confidence up. Ethan's a natural to star as you because he, like you, has a good head on his shoulders. And isn't afraid to use it.


Acho que está mto bem, e sempre gostei do Ethan...

e vcs q vos deu?

3 comentários:

velvetsatine disse...

Calhou-me a Cate Blanchett e o texto é exactamente igual ao teu. LOL

morningstar disse...

Muito bem, já podes conhecer uma francesa lindíssima num comboio e passar a noite com ela em Viena!

Já viste a sorte? ;)


Muse disse...

isso éq era!!! ;p

mas nao me parece q vá ter essa sorte!!! ;p